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Your supply chain - Logsys makes it simple! We offer concept of market supply directly from manufacturer to consumer with reduced costs of supply and avoiding many hands in distribution chain. Such approach to clients and to business enables favorable prices for end users and ensures larger profit for manufacturers our clients.
Logistics in new market terms

Company "Logsys" in cooperation with "CBA Business School", organized the first conference about logistics named "Logistics in new market terms", on 29. June, in Regent Esplanade hotel. More>>
100 Great Supply Chain Partners

The most common 10 qualities that users looked for in their vendors were as follows:

1. Cost savings and identifiable ROI
2. Reliability and ability to meet commitments
3. Inventory reductions and cycle time improvement
4. Flexibility and problem solving ability
5. Visibility
6. Continuous improvement
7. Ease of use
8. Can-do attitude
9. Global coverage
10. Comprehensive service.

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