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Your supply chain - Logsys makes it simple! We offer concept of market supply directly from manufacturer to consumer with reduced costs of supply and avoiding many hands in distribution chain. Such approach to clients and to business enables favorable prices for end users and ensures larger profit for manufacturers – our clients.
Logistics in new market terms

With aim to familiarize Croatian and regional companies with new trends, most respectable experts talked about this subject.
Ian Brown is a worldwide known expert in the field of improvement of logistics services and distribution chains.Last year Mr. Brown won the prize «Supply Chain Excellence» for his project of redesigning distribution chain for "CPG Logistics" company. Mr. Brown presented the rewarded project to Conference participants.
Foreign minister assistant in Croatia Mr. PetarTurčinović presented the topic "Croatia as distribution center for Central and Eastern Europe".
G. Marc Luyckx, "CBA Business School" dean, long-standing advisor for the twp European Commission presidents, presented the strategy of European Union’s distribution.
Improvement and directing of logistics management is closely related to technology and IT system development. G. Igor Šangulin from company "G2R-Gate to reform" specified that relation with the subject "Collaborative business processes as platform for distribution chain managing".
100 Great Supply Chain Partners

100 Great Supply Chain Partners report is a worldwide event. It is the result of a six-month poll of readers in which we asked logistics and supply-chain professionals to nominate vendors and service providers whose technology, logistics, transportation or consulting solutions have made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply-chain performance. More>>
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