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Direct ship line Rijeka-China
  • organizing marine transport China-Rijeka
  • organizing transport in Central Europe
Flexible transport
  • flexibility in time, destination, transport type, type of goods; intermodal transport
Covering the region of Central Europe

Rijeka’s port is the biggest port on Adriatic and the most important port in Republic Croatia, and Rijeka’s traffic route is the most vital in the whole state. It is a traditional port with spacious middle and middle-east hinterland with overseas markets. More>>

Organizing business relations with China
• organizing supply chain; product portfolio, quality supervision, uniformity of product quality, favorable prices;
• improving existing business relations with China or starting new ones

Projects of complete solutions for supply chain
• integrated solutions;
• organizing warehouse, supply, distribution or complete supply chain solutions
Logistics in new market terms

Company "Logsys" in cooperation with "CBA Business School", organized the first conference about logistics named "Logistics in new market terms", on 29. June, in Regent Esplanade hotel. More>>
100 Great Supply Chain Partners

100 Great Supply Chain Partners report is a worldwide event. It is the result of a six-month poll of readers in which we asked logistics and supply-chain professionals to nominate vendors and service providers whose technology, logistics, transportation or consulting solutions have made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply-chain performance. More>>
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