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Logsys – Logistics Systems Ltd. is distributional and logistics backup to companies that enter markets of Middle and Eastern Europe in the segment of home appliances and consumer electronics.

Logsys services are divided in fields of managing the supply chain, warehousing services, call center, after sales and other logistics services. Our services help our clients in upgrading distribution net and in ensuring profitable managing of supply chain.

Logistics Systems Ltd. is a company that works in two different fields:

I. Warehousing and distribution center with logistics support for Middle and Eastern European market that includes:

a. accepting and distribution of goods
o import and shipping
o warehousing
o distribution
o value added service
b. after sales services
o call center
o service organization

II. Business consulting in supply chain)
The important advantage of Logsys is knowing the market and cultures of region. That advantage guaranties the fastest and optimum entrance for our clients’ products on regional markets.
Focusing on clients is additionally supported by Logsys competence in new technologies and processes. Emphasizing information support will provide good interaction between manufacturer and consumer.
Logistics in new market terms

Company "Logsys" in cooperation with "CBA Business School", organized the first conference about logistics named "Logistics in new market terms", on 29. June, in Regent Esplanade hotel. More>>
100 Great Supply Chain Partners

100 Great Supply Chain Partners report is a worldwide event. It is the result of a six-month poll of readers in which we asked logistics and supply-chain professionals to nominate vendors and service providers whose technology, logistics, transportation or consulting solutions have made a significant impact on their company’s efficiency, customer service and overall supply-chain performance. More>>
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